Outdoor activities in Onuma

At the beginning of July, one of my friends came visited Hakodate and she and other friends including me spent a enjoyable time in Onuma Quasi-national Park.

The park features a volcano Mt. Komagatake and three lakes formed by the volcanic eruption some three hundred years ago. It is located 30km north of Hakodate and you can easily get there by car or by train from Hakodate. By car, it takes about 40 minutes and by train with 20 minutes.

If it is fine, you can enjoy cycling, boating, canoeing, camping, etc. There are some good onsens(hot springs)!

We arrived at Onuma area around two or so, and had a lunch at a restaurant located by the lake shore. Then, after leaving luggage in the inn, we went for cycling. We rented bicycles at Friendly Bear. It was around three in the afternoon, so the rental fee was 500yen per person. We made a round of the biggest lake, Onuma, of which circumference is 24 km.

After enjoying cycling, we went to Nagareyama Onsen to wash our sweat off. Then, we had a tasty dinner at the inn, Pension Kaza.

On the way back to the inn from the Onsen, we stopped at a convenience store and got fireworks. Before we go to bed, we went outside to do fireworks and all were excited at star-filled sky.

The following day, we had breakfast at the inn and then went to Yamakawa Ranch to eat soft-served ice creams.

We stayed in Onuma two days, but only a day or even a half day, you can enjoy beautiful nature and various activities;)