Hakodate City Museum of Northern peoples/北方民族資料館

If you are interested in Ainu people, this museum is must see. You can see beautiful clothes and utensils they used there. The Ainu are indigenous people living by hunting and fishing and had developed their unique culture until the immigration of Japanese. Through the things displayed at this museum, you can learn a lot about not only the Ainu but other northern people who lived north of Hokkaido.

Before, shooting photos was only allowed limited area, but recently you are allowed to take pictures in any exhibition rooms. But please refrain from flashing.

The costumes below are my favorites. They were used by a northern people called Wilta.



Address: 21-7 Suehiro-cho, Hakodate
Access: 1 minute-walk from Suehiro-cho streetcar stop
Open : 9:00~19:00(April-October), 9:00~17:00(November-March)
Close: December 31 through January 3
Closed days for fiscal year 2008: Please refer to the following site.
Admission: 300yen for adult 150yen for student
Combination Tickdet offers a little discount.
No parking space, but there is a pay car park across the street. 200yen par hour.
Web site: http://www.zaidan-hakodate.com/hoppominzoku/min.htm

The building was built in 1926 as the Hakodate Branch of the Nippon Bank. Now it functions as a museum which displays various important things related to the Ainu, one of the Northern peoples who have been lived in Hokkaido.

Ainu Design Paper Cutting Out Experience/アイヌ文様切り紙体験

The other day, I visited Museum of Northern peoples and learned some designs of Ainu people and other northern people.

If you ask at the reception, a person in charge instruct you how to cut out a beautiful design from a piece of paper.

This activity takes about 15 minutes and if you have time, how about joining this workshop?

You will be requested to choose a design you like and then, put the paper pattern on a piece of paper and cut out the design.

The design you cut out can be used pasting on boxes or other things.

I've made a pillow using one of these designs and Hawaiian Quilt's technique;)