Mukkuri Making/ムックリ作り

A friend of mine and I experienced Mukkuri making at Museum of Northern Peoples.

Mukkuri is a simple musical instrument made of bamboo and similar to a Jew's harp. Mukkuri has been used by Hokkaido's indigenous people, Ainu.

It takes about 90 minutes to make a mukkuri and to learn how to play it. I'd like to show our mukkuri making experience here. You can enlarge all pictures here by clicking them.

When we arrived at a room, all the things were ready.
Mukkuri making1


On the white board, it says how to make a mukkuri and the procedure is only three steps.

The first step is to slice the red colored valve to 1 mm thick. It was the hardest step.

The second step is to cut the side of a mukkuri.

The sides must be smoothed because they are touched to your lips.

The last step is to thread strings and all the things are done!

Mukkuri making needs one hour and half and you are requested to pay 500yen additionally to the admission of the museum, 300yen. Reservation is also needed. If you don't have time but are interested in mukkuri, you can buy them at the museum shop. Or you can try another workshop of cutting out various designs used by nothern peoples. Here below is one of them;)
This is a design used by Uilta, the other northen people.

If you are interested in making mukkuri with an English speaking guide, feel free to have a contact with me, to aquitito_gmail. com ;D. Please change underline to @ when you send a message.