How about sending a tuna-card to your friends?/マグロハガキはいかが?

Today I got these tuna formed cards at Hakodate Community Design Center.

You can find these postcards at the reception desk. They offer these cards for free!

In the East of Hakodate, there is a town called Toi and early this year, a tuna landed at the town was sold with the new record high price of 32,490,000yen(aprox. USD396,000.) at the Tsukiji fishing market. The inflated price has two meanings. One is to celebrate the opening of the market and the other is to gather attention. The tuna was sold with the price to a sushi restaurant in Ginza and a chain restaurant based in Hong Kong.

This is a uniquely-shaped card, so you need 160yen or 190yen-stamp for international mail (for domestic, 120yen). How about sending a tuna-shaped card for your friends?