The oldest company in Hakodate/函館最古の会社

On the foot of Gokokujinja Slope, you will find Senshuan confectioary shop by the statue of Kahee Takadaya.

Senshuan is the oldest company in Hakodate and the third oldest in Hokkaido. It started the business in 1860.

You can get traditional Japanese sweets there. Yamaoyaji biscuit, which uses milk and butter, is a Japanese and western mixed style product. It is locally well-known and five-piece box costs 315yen.


Tosenji temple is located five or ten minutes walk from the Yunokawa Streetcar Stop. In the precincts of this temple, you'll find many stone statues. They are the statues of Kannon, or the Goddess of Mercy. There are thirty three kannon and they used to be placed Mt. Hakodate.

In old days, there was a boom to travel around thirty three temples in the western part of Japan(Kyoto, Osaka area) but for the most people, it was difficult to do so.

So the people of influence brought soil from thirty three temples and made the same number of statues of Kannon and placed them in Mt. Hakodate in 1833. But those were removed when Mt. Hakodate was fortified in 1899. They were placed on the moutain foot and then, carried to Yunokawa in 1914. People in Yunokawa worshipped those Kannnon twice a year. But as time passes, through the urban development and land adjustment, some statues were abandoned and forgotten. So in 1975, Tosenji temple gathered all the remaining statues.

The present garden style thirty three Kannon was newly placed in 2007 with the help of temple chief and the followers. They visited thirty three temples and gathered soil again using three years.

Kanemori Warehouses/金森倉庫群


Hakodate suffered so many big fires and one of them burned the wooden warehouses that used to stand there. After the fire, fire-proof red-brick construction was introduced to build today's red-brick warehouses. Kanemori is the name of the company that owns these warehouses. Today, you'll find a beer restaurant and a shopping mall inside. But if you go backstreet, you'll know that they still use the buildings as warehouses.

Onuma Quasi-National Park/大沼国定公園

It is a quasi-national park which is located about 30km north of Hakodate. It consists of Mt. Komagatake, which is an acitive volcano, and three dammed lakes formed by a volcanic activity of it; Onuma(Literal meaning is a big lake), Konuma(Lit. a small lake) and Lake Junsai(Junsai is a edible water plant). Its beauty of each season is well-known.

The photo below was taken from a room of Onuma Prince Hotel.

Soon it comes a season of autumn-color leaves. You will be able to enjoy colorful leaves on branches and on the surface of lake water.

On fine days, you can see a peak of Mt. Komagatake from the summit of Mt. Hakodate.

Blinking coaster/光るコースター

When I had a cup of coffee at the cafe in the observatory deck of Mt. Hakodate, a water glass was served on this coaster. It was beautiful to see the colorful blinking light.  

This coaster is used at the cafe on the third floor of the Hakodate Airport. You can buy this at 1,050yen. It's a little expensive, isn't it?

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Lights of Squid Fishing Boats/漁火

The photo above was taken at the Hakodate Fishing port. The strong lights are to lure squid. During the squid fishing season, you can see these lights in the dark sea and it is is a poetic charm in Hakodate.