Golownin Incident/ゴロウニン事件

In 1804, a Russian ambassador Rezanov visited Japan to ask starting trade with Russia. But he was waiting for the reply from the then government for half a year and forced to leave Japan without any fuel and food supply. so the subordinate officers of Rezanov attacked Japanese fishing villages in the east of Hokkaido. This incident caused the tensed situation between Japan and Russia.

Under this condition, Glownin Incident happened. In 1811, when Golownin, the captain of a Russian warship, Diana was circumnavigation the glove, he dropped by Kunashiri island located in the east of Hokkaido to ask local people for supplies. But he was captured by Japanese officials from Matsumae clan. (Matsumae clan controlled the territory of Hokkaido then.) Captain Golownin and his seven crewmen were obedient and sent to Matsumae, southern tip of Hokkaido, through Hakodate. The vicecaptain of Diana, lieutenant Rikord tried to get the captain and fellows back and captured a Japanese shipping boat which appeared a fishing ground near Kunashiri island. It was Kahee Takadaya who was in the ship. Kahee was taken to Russian and he spent half a year with Rikord. Then Kahee became an intermediate and peacefully settled the matter getting the official apology from Russia and Golownin and his crewmen were freed and went back to Russia. This was Golownin Incident.

After Golownin went back to Russia, he published a book, Memoirs of a Capitivity in Japan. In the book, he mentioned how Japanese, especially women treated them kindly and carefully. Reading the description, a young Russian monk was strongly attracted to Japan and became the second priest of Russian Orthodox Church in Hakodate. That was Nikolai.

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Document Museum of Northern History/北方歴史資料館

Takadaya Museum

Address: 23-2 Suehiro-cho, Hakodate
Access: Five-minute walk from Jujigai Streetcar stop
Open : 9:00-18:00 From May through October, open seven days a week
Close: not decided.
Admission: 300yen for adult, 200yen for high school students, 150yen for junior high and 100yen for elementary school students. There is a combination ticket with Hakodate Museum of Kahei Takadaya and it costs 500yen.
Parking : five (Within a hour, free, then charged 300yen per hour)

If you want to know about Kahee Takadaya, a wealthy merchant who made a great contribution to the development of Hakodate and opened a new fishery in the east of Hokkaido, this museum is best to visit to know about him. He is also known as a person who settled the Golownin Incident peacefully. Documents related to the Golownin Incident are on display, too.

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Green tea ice cream at Kyu-chayatei/旧茶屋亭の抹茶ソフト

A few minutes walk toward Mt. Hakodate from Meijikan, the former post office building, you can find this tea room, Kyu-chayatei(Literally means "former tea room").

This tea room has an ice cream stand and you can choose what you want in English. You are supposed to buy a ticket with a vending machine and the menu buttons are bilingual.

When I bought a green tea flavor ice cream, a wooden spoon was provided.

The building of this tea room is a good example of Japanese-western mixed style. The first floor is a Japanese style while the second floor has western style windows. In Hakodate's western area, you can find many buildings like this. How about looking for such buildings there?

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Fireworks Display Season/花火の季節です

Summer is the best season for fireworks display. You can enjoy beautiful fireworks frequently in summer. The nearest date is July 20th, that falls on the marine day. The biggest fireworks display held in Southern Hokkaido falls on August 1. Besides those dates, if you go to the Goryokaku Park for weekends from July to mid August, you can enjoy fireworks on Fridays and Saturdays which are used in the Hakodate Pageant. Please enjoy the summer in Hakodate!