The 3rd Exposition of Treasures of Koryuji Temple/第三回 高龍寺宝物展

Exposition of calligraphies and digital pictures of a famous work by Hakyo Kakizaki/ 高龍寺ゆかりの書とデジタル撮影された涅槃図

Date: Sat.Oct. 11 through Mon. Oct. 13, 2008
Time: 10:00 to 17:00
Place: Koryuji Temple in Funami town
(21-11 Funami-cho, Hakodate)
Access: Please use the bus stop; Koryuji-mae, or 高龍寺前. 7 minutes walk from a streetcar stop, Hakodate Dock mae, or 函館どっく前

Koryuji Temple is the oldest Buddhist temple in Hakodate. They have more than 150 works of calligraphy and for this exposition, 14 of them will be on display. Besides those calligraphies, digital picture(or pictures) of a famous picture by Hakyo Kakizaki(1764-1826) will be on display. The picture shows a scene when Buddha dies and it is one of the representative works of Hakyo Kakizaki, who was a noted painter of late Edo period.


Special Exhibition of a National Treasure, Hollow Clay Figure/国宝・中空土偶特別展

Date: From Tuesday, September 9 through Tuesday 23, 2008
Place : Hakodate City Museum
17-1 Aoyagi-cho, Hakodate, in Hakodate Park
Admission: 300yen for adult, 200 for high school and university students, 100 for junior and elementary school students
Hakodate Museum
The first and only national treasure of Hokkaido, the hollow clay figure is on display. It is estimated to be made about 3,500 years ago, during the Jomon period. It has almost perfect shape just lacking both arms and a projecting point of the head. How about think of the days long, long, long past?

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