Old Pier/旧桟橋

old pier

Today, Japan's main island(Honshu) and Hokkaido are connected by the Seikan Tunnel(the world's longest undersea tunnel) and many people come and go by air, but before such transportaion methods were developed, ferryboats were the main traffic that connected Hokkaido and other parts of Japan. So, Hakodate was developed as a gateway to the north and people migrate from other parts of Japan made a first step on the northen land at this pier. The main boarts were anchored inshore of the port and passengers were carried by barges.

This place is adequate to enjoy fireworks which are set up from the port on firework display of Summer Festival in August and during the Christmas fantasy in December.

Besides the pier, you can see a statue of a bear, which was built to commemorate the centennial of Hokkaido.
white bear

Christmas Fantasy

Now Chritmas Fantasy is taking place in Hakodate and every evening, fireworks are set up around 18:05 from Hakodate Port. More fireworks are set up extensively in weekends. I live in up the hill where commands a fine view of the Hakodate Port, so fromDecember 1 through 25th, I can enjoy beautiful fireworks every day.

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Illumination in Esan/恵山のイルミネーション

Place : Sea side site of the hotel Cape near the lighthouse of the Esan Cape
Term: till February 29, 2008
Time: 17:00-22:00
Content : You can enjoy illumination lights set up on the site of 50 meters long and 100 meters wide. The lights were once used by squid fishing boats as you can see strong lights on the sea of the Tsugaru Straits around this time. After the lights finish their work on the boats, now their glass chimneys are reused for the illumination. About 200 lights are lit every night. You can enjoy the contrast of the lights; illuminated lights, strong luring lights on the horizon and the beacon lamp.