Former Kanemori Haberdashery Shop/旧金森洋物館

Address: 19-15 Suehiro-cho, Hakodate
Tel&Fax: 0138-23-3095
Open : 9:00-16:30(April to October)
     9:00-16:00(November to March)
Close : Every Monday, Last Friday of every month, National Holidays, New Years and end of the year
Admission : 100yen for adult, 50yen for students and citizens older than 65.


Former Kanemori Haberdashery Shop now houses Municipal Museum of Local History Archives.

The building itself was built in 1880 and renovated in 1999. On the first floor, you can see how was like a Japanese shop in late 19th century and on the second floor, you can see a big model with many dolls which depicts how was the international habour town just opened its door to the outside world.

There are many English explanations.

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Streetcar Service/路面電車・函館市電

How about using streetcar service for your sightseeing in Hakodate? One day Ticket costs 600yen(for kids, 300yen). If you don't use the ticket, the fee ranges from 200 to 250yen for a ride. So if you ride on the streetcar here more than three times a day, the ticket easily covers three-time-use fee. There are only two lines; line two and line five. Between Jujigai Stop and Yunokawa Stop, those two lines run the same zone, so it's really convenient. Every five minutes, you can catch a streetcar. At the stop of Jujigai, line two goes to Yachigashira direction and line five goes to Hakodate Dockyard.

How to get on a streetcar
Get on from the door in the middle. Getting on, pick up a numbered ticket. You can find a ticket box on your right. You should pay the fee when you get off. The fee corresponds the number on your numbered ticket and the number on the electric board set up the both ends of the streetcar. Depend on the distance you will take, the fee ranges from 200 to 250 yen. When you get off the streetcar, please pay the fee on the board.

You can buy oneday ticket inside of the streetcar. Please ask the driver.

Streetcar stops
Line Five

Live Two

The zone both line two and five run
Jujigai===Uoichiba-dori===Shiyakusho-mae===Hakodate Eki-mae===Matsukaze-cho===Shinkawa-cho===Chitose-cho===Showa-bashi===Horikawa-cho===Chiyogadai===Chuo Byoin-mae===Goryokaku Koen-mae===Suginami-cho===Kashiwagi-cho===Fukabori-cho===Keibajo-mae===Komaba Shoko-mae===Shimin-kaikan-mae===Yunokawa Onsen===Yunokawa

The nearest stops to major sightseeing spots will be added soon.

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Other sites of mine/その他の私のサイト

I have another weblog written in English and Japanese for foreign residents in Hakodate. It includes information that might be some hints for your stay in the city;) Please pay a visit to Living in a city next to Hakodate.

もうひとつ、函館に住む方向けにLiving in a city next to Hakodate(函館の隣町にて)という英語と日本語のブログを書いています。旅の参考になるかもしれませんので、よろしかったらそちらもどうぞ