Ikameshi Lunch Box

On my way home from Sapporo, I dropped by Mori town. Just in a few seconds from Mori Station, you can find an old grocery store which serves nationwide famous and popular ekiben train lunch, ikameshi.

Ika means squid and meshi means cooked rice. Sticky rice is stuffed in a squid and then boiled and flavored with soy sauce and sugar. Ikameshi is loved by so many people and it is one of the most popular train lunches. A box costs 500yen and it contains three pieces. Its handy price owes part of the popularity, but its delicious taste is the most important reason.

If you travel by train between Sapporo and Hakodate, you may have a chance to get ikameshi lunch box. Why don't you give it a try?


Winter Delicacy, gelatinous abyssal fish Gokko

The other day, I went to a conveyer-belt sushi bar and ordered a gokko-jiru, a soup with a gelatinous abyssal fish.
Gokko is a local name and its official name is hotei-uo in Japanese. It lives in deep sea, but at this time to spawn the raw, it comes up to water surface. Soy-sauce flavored soup is provided at many restaurants. If you find "Gokko-jiu(ごっこ汁)" in menu, how about trying it?

Here below you see a photo of Gokko fish at a supermarket.

They have grotesque appearance, but once it is commercialized, the appearance changes humorous.

I like this T-shirt, but they have the ones only for kids.

The sushi bar I went was Marukatsu Suisan(まるかつ水産)in Kashiwagi. Marukatsu Suisan has other restaurants in other places in Hakodate. If you are interested, please check their web site;)

Wine taste soft served ice cream/ワイン味のソフトクリーム

Onuma Quasi-national park is very beautiful in all season and at this time, swans are found there. If you are going to go there by car from Hakodate, how about dropping by a local winery? Hakodate Wine's winery and a winery-direct retail store "Budo(=Grape) kan(=house)" are on the way to the Onuma park.

There, you can taste wide variety of wines for free and I'd like to recommend its wine-taste soft served ice cream.
Every month they offer a different combination of two fruit wines. When I had it, it was the combination of plum and strawberry wine. It is named "Gappari soft" and gappari is a local dialect and means "hefty".

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Squid ink soft served ice cream/いかすみソフト

If you are going to visit Hakodate's morning market, how about tasting this ash color ice cream?

Squid is a symbol fish of Hakodate and squid-related products are everywhere. This soft served ice cream is one of them. It doesn't taste ink or ash;) I liked it and can assure you that you'll like it, too.


How about trying hairy crabs?/毛ガニはいかが?

Many tourists want to try crabs in Hokkaido. Some customers from Taiwan, Singapore, Korea, etc. wanted to eat crabs and the crab they meant was king crabs.

King crabs are popular for many Japanese tourists, but many local people, including me, prefer hairy crabs.

King crabs are delicious and you can eat it raw, grilled, or boiled. But when you eat hairy crabs, boil ones are the most popular. Why don't you try hairy crabs in Hakodate?