Winter General has come./冬将軍到来。

winter scenery

Winter General arrived at Hakodate and gave snow coats to the town. Since November 12, snow started to fall and the following day, snow covered the town.

Walking on the street covered with snow is slippery, especially when you wear sneakers as below. When I was walking with them, I lost my balance and almost fell down.

People living with snow winter wear rubber-soled shoes as below.
rubber-soled shoes

I think it's difficult for tourists to prepare rubber-soled shoes in advance. I'd like to recommend to visit a shoe shop to look for a rubber-sole attachment or spike belts. Please be careful not to slip and fall!

Another tip for winter trip. The photo below shows disposable pocket warmers. You can get them at any convenience stores or drug store with each 50yen or so. A sticker type warmer is convenient. Just unbag a warmer, it generates heat.

Manhole Covers in Hakodate/函館のマンホールのフタ

Public hall
Old Public Hall of Hakodate Ward/旧函館区公会堂

When you walking around Hakodate, why don't you pay a little attention on the ground? You'll find various manhole covers that contain sightseeing attractions of Hakodate.

The following is a cover with three squids. Squids are the symbol fish of Hakodate.

To see my collections of manhole-cover pictures, click on below words"続きを読む".

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Enjoy Cherry Blossom Viewing!/お花見大好き!

cherry blossom

Spring flowers started to bloom. According to the weather focast, cherry blossoms in Hakodate will be at their best on 28th of April. On 21st, I drove through the Goryokaku Park and I couldn't find any blossoms there. On the same day, I passed through Sakuragaoka-dori, or Cherry Hill street, I could find a few blossoms were blooming, but only a few. I expect that cherry trees in the Goryokaku Park will be at their best this weekend, 26 and 27.

Here below are the places you can enjoy cherry blossoms. Please enjoy the arrival of cherry blossom blooming!

Goryokaku Park/五稜郭公園
There are more than 1,600 cherry trees. They are someiyoshino. One of the most popularcherry blossom viewing spots in Hakodate.

Hakodate Park/函館公園
There are about 670 cherry trees. Ther are also someiyoshino and they tend to bloom some days after the cherry trees in the Goryokaku Park. You can buy foods at the temporarily set-up food stalls.

Sakuragaoka-dori, or Cherry Tree Hill street/桜ヶ丘通り
About a hundred cherry trees are standing both side of the street. Whey the trees are at their best, it turns like a pink tunnel.

Motomachi haisui jo, or Motomachi Water Supply/元町配水場
Motomachi Water Supply is located at the other side of the Ropeway mountain foot station. There is a cherry tree estimated more than a hundred years old.

Streetcar Service/路面電車・函館市電

How about using streetcar service for your sightseeing in Hakodate? One day Ticket costs 600yen(for kids, 300yen). If you don't use the ticket, the fee ranges from 200 to 250yen for a ride. So if you ride on the streetcar here more than three times a day, the ticket easily covers three-time-use fee. There are only two lines; line two and line five. Between Jujigai Stop and Yunokawa Stop, those two lines run the same zone, so it's really convenient. Every five minutes, you can catch a streetcar. At the stop of Jujigai, line two goes to Yachigashira direction and line five goes to Hakodate Dockyard.

How to get on a streetcar
Get on from the door in the middle. Getting on, pick up a numbered ticket. You can find a ticket box on your right. You should pay the fee when you get off. The fee corresponds the number on your numbered ticket and the number on the electric board set up the both ends of the streetcar. Depend on the distance you will take, the fee ranges from 200 to 250 yen. When you get off the streetcar, please pay the fee on the board.

You can buy oneday ticket inside of the streetcar. Please ask the driver.

Streetcar stops
Line Five

Live Two

The zone both line two and five run
Jujigai===Uoichiba-dori===Shiyakusho-mae===Hakodate Eki-mae===Matsukaze-cho===Shinkawa-cho===Chitose-cho===Showa-bashi===Horikawa-cho===Chiyogadai===Chuo Byoin-mae===Goryokaku Koen-mae===Suginami-cho===Kashiwagi-cho===Fukabori-cho===Keibajo-mae===Komaba Shoko-mae===Shimin-kaikan-mae===Yunokawa Onsen===Yunokawa

The nearest stops to major sightseeing spots will be added soon.

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Encounter with Red moo-moo/レッドモーモーに遭遇

If you walk around city of Hakodate, especially at sightseeing spots, I'm sure you can find easily white and black cow pattern taxis. They are so eyecatching. Among them, there is only one red and white, so called "Red Moomoo" patterned taxi. I once read an article in a magazine or something, the owner of Moomoo taxi company said, "If you find the Red Moomoo, something good may happen."

Today, I found the Red Moomoo! I was happy to see it. May something good will come to me!

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