I wanted to show this mountain for the passengers of Legend of the Seas

Last month, a cruise ship "Legend of the Seas" called in Hakodate for the first time. I guided around a group from the cruise ship, but unfortunately, almost all day it was raining and Mt. Hakodate was in fog.
Legend of the Seas

Mt. Hakodate is one of the symbols of Hakodate and former residential area for foreign people who once livedin Hakodate scatter at the foot of it. Walking on the shore, I thought that I wanted show this mountain for my customers.
Mt. Hakodate from Kamiiso Beach

Recently, we enjoy beautiful fine days.



In this blog site, I would like to give useful information for sightseers. In the following site, I'm giving detailed information for people who live in Hakodate. Some coffee & tea shops and restaurants are introduced. If you are interested, please visit the site Living in a city next to Hakodate, too.

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Other sites of mine/その他の私のサイト

I have another weblog written in English and Japanese for foreign residents in Hakodate. It includes information that might be some hints for your stay in the city;) Please pay a visit to Living in a city next to Hakodate.

もうひとつ、函館に住む方向けにLiving in a city next to Hakodate(函館の隣町にて)という英語と日本語のブログを書いています。旅の参考になるかもしれませんので、よろしかったらそちらもどうぞ

About me

Hello, my name is Akiko. I'm a government certified guide living in a city next to Hakodate. Hakodate is my hometown where I grew up and spent most of my life. I love my hometown and I'm proud of it. So I hope this blog will be some help for people who are interested in Hakodate. If you need a guide, please have a contact sending me a message to aquitito*gmail.com. Please change * into @ when you send me emails.

Basic Guide Fee
4 hours : 25,000yen ~
8 hours : 30,000yen ~
The fee varies depending on the number of guests and other conditions. Additional charges such as traffic and admission fee, etc. will be added separately.  

*Guide Interpreter is a profession certified by the government using foreign languages to introduce Japanese culture, history and society.

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